BoardWorks   8' 2", 34" wide SHUBU

Inflatable SUPs are ideal for fishing and camping.
Most inflatables have the deck tie down points built
in making it easy to set up for fishing, just attach the
straps to the tie down points and your ready to go.

Packs away into a stuff bag.
Soft, easy to handle.
Extra buoyancy, these boards really float.
Indestructible, don't have to worry about damage to
the board or surroundings.

Can be slightly heavier than a hard SUP of equal size.
Slower paddling speed.
Harder to handle in windy conditions.

Overall evaluation:
I love using these, especially one this short, easy to
get around and handle.  Works best in non windy and
flat conditions. Very stable.

Things to consider:
Need to carry a pump to inflate, this can take time.
Must put max. pressure to make stable and easy to
Width: The wider the better for stability,  34 inches is
Boardfisher peel and stick deck anchors will not work
on the deck of of an inflatable board, make sure that
the deck has built in deck tie down points.
Make sure that the size of the inflatable fits your size
and ability.

Please note:
This evaluation is for flat water use with the
BoardFisher fishing systems and does not apply to
any other uses.
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